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Potaroma Cat Toys 4 Pack Monster Design with Catnip Crinkle Sound, Soft and Durable


Potaroma Cat Toys 4 Pack with Catnip Crinkle Sound, Soft and Durable, Interactive Kicker Toys for Indoor Kitten Exercise 4.5 Inches for All Breeds

  • Little Monsters for Big Fun: This pack of 4 adorable "little monsters" offers an enchanting Halloween twist for your kitty's indoor playtime. Cute, plush, and just the right size (4.5 inches) for your cat to cuddle or chew!
  • Organic Attraction: Filled with natural catnip and silvervine, these toys are essential for keeping your kitten or adult cat engaged. An interactive and organic way to provide enrichment and teething relief.
  • Crinkle and Chew: Each toy has crinkle paper inside that delivers a satisfying rustle when bitten, making playtime doubly exciting for your furry friend. Perfect for dental cleaning and exercise as your cat chews and bites.
  • Calming and Comforting: With catnip and silvervine, these toys serve as a calming solution for your kitty. Ideal for self-play, these plush toys can help exercise your cat's teeth and claws, ensuring both mental and physical well-being.
  • Your Cat's Meow of Approval: Make every play session a funny, interactive experience that supports dental health and provides essential exercise. Your cat won't be able to resist this playful, cuddly enrichment package!

Embroidery Eyes

No protruding button or plastic to ensure safety for cats.


Neat Stitches

Neatly stitched seams, durable for longer play, no glue or zippers to prevent accidental swallowing.

Great choice for your kittens


Catnip is natural safe herb for cats. Most cats get excited when exposed to catnip, followed by a calm bliss.

Exquisite Packaging

Great Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for fur babies thanks to the fancy gift packaging.

High Quality Stuffing Inside

Comfortable stuffing for hugging or snuggling.

Crinkle Paper

The captivating sound of crinkling paper, as it's playfully bitten, becomes an irresistible charm that cats simply can't resist.