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Potaroma 3-in-1 Interactive Cat Toy

Enrich Your Pet's World with Potaroma

Our world is so big, and they're just a part of our lives;

But their world is so small, and we are their whole life;

Loneliness and endless waiting are their daily routine.

With Potaroma, you can make their day.


I finally feel for the marketing and bought this dumb toy for my cat. And he loves it. It is hilarious! It is worth getting for your cat!!
Good features: usb charged battery. Also, shuts off with inaction to save on battery life so you don’t actually have to charge it that often. :)

monsters and dinosaurs

Great puzzle toy for dog because it is simple and quick to set up for feeding. Easy to use for every meal but challenging and fun for your dog.  It is also enjoyable and comical to see your dog paw the center feeding mechanism which allows the food to drop down. Better than any puzzle we have bought to date so I highly recommend it even though it may be more expensive than other toys.

Tiffany Imker

Great toy for not just cats, but dogs too! This ended up being a great bonding moment for my cats and the new dog. The dog especially likes the feathers that pop in and out of the base. One cat likes the catnip filled balls in the track, and another likes the fluttering butterfly, so there is something for every personality. The battery saver mode is great too. I highly recommend this toy! Keeps my boys engaged and having fun.

A. Ferre

My cat absolutely loves this! He has so much energy so I was looking for something to burn that energy. He is almost constantly playing with it when I'm home, I've only had it for a few days now but I find it hidden all over the house. He's so proud when he walks around with it. Such a great buy!

Victoria M.