Potaroma 4 Pack Catnip Ball Toys, 3 Silvervine Catnip Toys and 1 Cat Sugar for Cats Lick, Edible and Natural Catmint Chew Toys, Rotatable Cat Treat Ball Toys for Kitten Teeth Cleaning

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  • Blend of 4 Flavors: 1 Cat sugar ball and 3 cat treat balls, which are blend of catnip, silvervine and gall fruit, could be good to enhance cats' vitality and appetite, relieving boredom and depression effectively. Catnip not only makes kittens happy but helps excreting hairballs. The cat treat balls include catnip, gall fruit, sticky rice and enriched silvervine
  • Edible and Natural Materials: The cat ball toys are made from 100% natural and organic plant extracts, totally safe and edible for cats without any additives
  • Convenient and Unique Design: We design the catnip toys for 360° rotatable balls so that the kittens could lick evenly with ease. The self-adhesive design makes it durable to use
  • Easy to Install: Could be stick to the smooth surface easily with strong double-sided adhesive on the back, such as glass wall, door, window and tile except some stucco surfaces. Make sure that press hard enough to stick firmly to the surface in case of falling off
  • Cat Teeth Cleaning: The cat balls could help your cat get rid of the calculus and plaque, refresh the teeth and improve oral health