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Potaroma Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy, Automatic Rechargeable Treat Dispenser


Potaroma Dog Puzzle Feeder Toy, Interactive IQ Training, Electronic Dog Toys, Automatic Rechargeable Treat Dispenser, Push Remote for Dog Food Dispensing for All Breeds of Dogs, 280ml Capacity

  • Smart Toy for Every Breed: This interactive dog puzzle is a stimulating essential for your pet's development. Perfect for every breed, from small puppies to large dogs, it doubles as a brain game and feeder, keeping them mentally stimulated and physically active. Ideal for those festive day gifts, it promises to enrich your pet’s intelligence and relieve boredom.
  • Remote Play for Fun & Training: Featuring a remote range up to 80 feet, this automatic feeder also serves as a training tool. Engage your pet in outdoor play or indoor fun, with a large capacity container that keeps the game going. It's a smart way to train your dog's paw coordination, ensuring they stay busy and stimulated while mastering new skills.
  • Customizable for Engagement: Record your voice to call them to play or eat, creating a personal touch. You can switch between the 9 preset sounds and the 1 recorded sound on the remote controller. With DIY stickers to customize the look, this feeder becomes a funny, interactive part of your pet's day. It’s the perfect activity set to keep your dog or cat entertained, offering a unique mix of feeding, training, and intellectual challenge.
  • Adjustable Feeding to Suit Any Size: With an adjustable dispensing amount, our feeder fits most dry kibbles or treats, caters to all pets, big or small. The large kibble container ensures your pet’s fun never runs out. Whether it's for a medium-sized buddy or a big, energetic furry friend, our feeder adapts to their appetite, making mealtime an engaging, enriching experience.
  • User-Friendly for Independent Play: This user-friendly puzzle toy is designed for your pet's independent play. USB chargeable for convenience, it allows pets to self-feed even when you’re not around. It's a buddy system that entertains, feeds, and provides mental stimulation, ensuring your pet stays engaged, even when playing alone.