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Potaroma Glow in The Dark Horror Cat Toys 4 Pcs (Spider+Skull+Pumpkin+Cat)


Potaroma 4 Pcs Horror Cat Toys with Catnip Crinkle Sound, Glow in The Dark, Interactive Indoor Kitten Kicker Exercise Toys 4.0" for All Breeds (Spider+Skull+Pumpkin+Cat)

  • Interactive Meow Delight: Engage your kitty in endless hours of play with our plush catnip toys. Perfect for indoor exercise, these toys unleash excess energy and provide essential enrichment to your cat's life.
  • Catnip & Silvervine Infused: Filled with organic catnip and silvervine, these toys are a kitty's dream. The enticing scent will calm, captivate, and encourage your kitten to chew, bite, and engage, ensuring physical and mental health.
  • Halloween-Themed Joy: These cute toys glow in the dark after a brief exposure to strong light, making them perfect for Halloween. If they don't glow in the dark or the glow is weak, it may be too long since it last absorbed light. You need to expose them to light again. With embroidered bat, ghost, black cat, and pumpkin designs, they'll surely get your little kitten into the spooky spirit!
  • Calming & Essential Play: Our toys not only provide exercise but also have a calming effect. Whether it's the crinkle sound or the soft plush exterior, your cat will love to cuddle, kick, and claw at these interactive playthings followed by a calm bliss.
  • Durable & Dental-Friendly: These toys are designed for both fun and functionality. The biting and chewing action promotes healthy teeth cleaning, while the durable fabric ensures they stand up to even the most enthusiastic kitty play.
  • Multi-Functional Enrichment: From self-play to interactive sessions, these toys are versatile. Whether your cat wants to cuddle them as a pillow or give them a funny bite, they cater to every playful and calming need of your feline friend.

ย Glow In The Dark Embroidery

Terrifying expression and glowing effect attract cats even in the dark.

Exquisite Packaging

Great Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for fur babies.

Crinkle Paper

The captivating sound of crinkling paper becomes an irresistible charm that cats can't resist.


Increase cat's interest and make cats more excited