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Potaroma Catnip Bird Cat Toys, 2 Pcs Crinkle Sound Toys Soft and Durable


Potaroma Catnip Bird Cat Toys, 2 Pcs Crinkle Sound Toys Soft and Durable, Cat Kicker Toys for Indoor Kitten Exercise 8.5 Inches for All Breeds Interactive

  • Enticing Playtime: Each toy in this adorable set comes with organic catnip and silvervine inside, captivating your kitty's senses and encouraging them to play, chew, and cuddle, providing essential indoor exercise. Catnio makes cats excited in energetic play followed by a calm bliss.
  • Interactive Fun: With a built-in crinkle paper, these cat toys will make crinkle sound when cats bite and wrestle, making play even more exciting, keeping your little meower engaged in interactive play, promoting enrichment and helping to stimuate their natural instincts.
  • Cute and Durable: Designed to appeal to both owners and felines, these cute bird-shaped toys are made of soft, durable fabric perfect for biting and clawing, ensuring long-lasting fun.
  • Healthy Cat Toys: Offering a blend of natural, sun-dried catnip and silvervine, these toys provide a safe and funny way for your kitten to indulge in catnip fun without any mess.
  • Self-Entertainment: Perfect for solo play, this plush toy set allows your furry friend to exercise their hunting instincts, keeping them entertained while you’re away, complete with organic materials that make self-playtime a delight.
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