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Potaroma Cat Toys Fish, 3 Pcs Crinkle Sound Catnip Toys Soft Linen

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Potaroma Cat Toys Fish, 3 Pcs Crinkle Sound Catnip Toys Soft Linen, Interactive Kitten Exercise Kicker Toys for Indoor Cats 7.8 Inches for Breeds

  • Unleash your cat's wild side with our pack of 3 fish toys! Made from soft linen, these cat toys are comfort choices for biting, chewing, and scratching. The realistic in vibrant colors fish will stimulate your kitty's hunting instincts and keep them active and entertained
  • Organic Catnip Filled: Stuffed with 100% pure, potent and organic catnip, and soft cotton. Catnip, the favorite natural herb of most cats, will maximize the chance to make cats excited and make interactive playtime irresistible
  • Designed with your cat's safety in mind, our toys are neatly hand-sewn without the use of glue or zippers. This prevents accidental swallowing and ensures a safe and fun playtime. Perfect for kittens and adult cats alike, these toys offer both comfort and enrichment
  • Keep your indoor cat active and mentally stimulated with our plush animal toys. The combination of catnip and silvervine makes these toys irresistible, turning any moment into a fun-filled kicker play session. They're perfect for self-play, keeping your cat entertained even when you're not around
  • Our catnip-filled toys are more than just cute - they're a great way to provide your cat with much-needed exercise and stimulation. The soft, chewable linen material and enticing catnip aroma will keep your cat coming back for more. Whether they're kicking, biting, or just cuddling with their new favorite toy, your cat will never have a dull moment!

Neatly Sewn

Neatly stitched seams, no glue or zippers to prevent accidental swallowing.

Embroidery Eyes

No protruding button or plastic to ensure safety for cats.

Exquisite Packaging

Great Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for fur babies

Crinkle Paper

The captivating sound of crinkling paper is an irresistible charm

High Quality Stuffing Inside

Comfortable stuffing for hugging or snuggling.


Catnip is natural safe herb for cats. Most cats get excited when exposed to catnip, followed by a calm bliss.