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Potaroma Cat Laser Toys Interactive 3in1, Rechargeable, Automatic Moving Wheels



otaroma Cat Laser Toys Interactive 3in1, Rechargeable, Automatic Moving Wheels, 2 Feathers, Indoor Kitten Exercise Kicker Toys, Assorted Colors Feathers for All Breeds

  • Laser Games with Irregular Wheel Movements: Unleash the best indoor entertainment with this interactive laser pointer toy! The wheel's irregular movements keep your kitty guessing, ensuring endless play and hunting stimulation. It's the ultimate boredom buster for active kittens
  • Feather Teaser with Whip Action: Engage your cat's natural instincts with the enchanting feather wand's whip action and rolling wheel. Offering enrichment and exercise, this toy keeps your pet entertained with running and chasing games. Essential for every feline friend!
  • Smart Sensing and Automatic Play: With self-sensing technology, this robotic toy adapts to your cat's movements. The automatic motion control ensures a dynamic and interactive experience, making it a must-have for indoor kitties
  • Rechargeable and Power-Efficient: Keep the fun going with the rechargeable and power-saving features of this electronic toy. Designed for endless play and exercise, it's the perfect boredom solution for your pet, offering versatile entertainment
  • Robotic Innovation for Active Play: Experience the future of cat toys with this automated and robotic masterpiece. With moving parts, sensing technology, and irregular wheel movements, it's the ultimate exercise and entertainment solution. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless fun!
  • Perfect Gift for Every Cat Lover: From birthdays to everyday essentials, this toy offers a variety of interactive features, making it the perfect choice for keeping bored cats engaged and happy. With its rechargeable battery and whip action feather, it's a thoughtful and innovative gift for every cat owner


Large rechargeable battery provides longer playtime for cats per charge. Saves the hassle and cost to replace batteries.

Smart Touch Activation

Stops itself every 5 mins if left alone and keeps on standby mode for 4 hours, within which cats can re-activate it with a touch.

Irregular Movements

Unpredictable movements of the wheel, whip actions of the feathers and moving laser hold cat's interest for a long time.

Exquisite Packaging

Great Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for fur babies thanks to the fancy gift packaging.