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Potaroma Chirping Birds Cat Toys 2 Pcs: Painted Bunting & Sparrow


Potaroma Chirping Birds Cat Toys 2 Pcs with Catnip SilverVine, Interactive Lifelike Tweets, Indoor Kitty Kitten Cat Kicker Exercise 3.5 Inches

  • Banish boredom with our chirping birds cat toy set, designed to stimulate your kitty's hunting instincts. These realistic birds provide endless fun, encouraging older and younger cats alike to pounce and play, enhancing their indoor activity and providing essential workout stimulation.
  • Gift your feline friend the joy of a feathered birds without the hassle! Our set includes two lifelike bird toys with natural feathers and HD 3D printed fur, ensuring a durable, electric burst of fun that's perfect for every paw, from playful kitten to wise adult cat.
  • Watch your cat's excitement as they discover the realistic chirp of our electronic bird toys, activating with a simple touch. The automatic chirping injects a new level of interactive play, enriching your kitty's day when they're a lone hunter. The birds can also be hanging cat toys for additional fun thanks to the extra hanging strings included in the package.
  • Enrich your kitty's life with our catnip bird toy, a true boredom buster that releases a safe, stimulating scent to entice even the most indifferent feline. Each electric chirping bird is a workout in disguise, offering your cat a funny, interactive way to engage their natural instincts.
  • An ideal gift for cat lovers, this chirping bird set brings simulation and stimulation to your cat's daily routine. The durable design withstands energetic paws, while the automatic sounds, interactive features keep your furry friend engaged in a stimulating, realistic hunting experience when you're not home.
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