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Potaroma 4-in-1 Interactive Cat Laser Toys


Potaroma Cat Laser Toys Interactive, 4in1 Kitten Exercise, Fluttering Butterfly, Ambush Moving Feather, Track Balls, Indoor Cat Kicker for All Breeds

  • [Multi-functional Fun] Unleash boundless fun with our 4-in-1 Smart Laser Cat Toy. It is a captivating blend of spinning feathers, moving laser dots, roller balls, and an ambush feather. This unique combination guarantees a variety of stimulation and endless entertainment for your indoor cats
  • [Four Distinct Modes] Offering four distinct modes, our toy ensures variety in play. A laser working alone for high-tech hunting, a shooting feather mode for sporadic swipe, a mode where both laser and shooting feather work simultaneously for thrilling fun, and an interchange mode where the two alternate, keeping your cat's interest piqued. The toy provides your cats with stimulating alone-time
  • [Smart Cat Toy] Our toy's exceptional automatic interactivity keeps your cats engaged even when you're away. The feather or butterfly runs for 5 mins (or 400 secs in interchange mode) and then stops if left alone, then on standby for 4 hours to save power and avoid too much play in a short time. Cats can easily re-activate it with a slightest touch
  • [Customizable Laser Playtime] Customize your cat's playtime with our adjustable laser angle and speed settings. Choose from low, high, or random speeds to match your cat's energy levels. Whether it's high-energy play or a more relaxed session, our toy is designed to cater to your cat's moods and preferences
  • [USB Rechargeable] Easy to charge with the included Type-C USB, this toy features handy indicator lights that show charging status. Keep your cats intrigued without the hassle of traditional batteries
  • [Combat Cat Boredom] Combat cat boredom with our engaging toy. Designed to activate your cat's hunting instincts and provide mental and physical stimulation, it's an excellent tool to keep your cat active and healthy. Its smart functions and varied modes promise to turn even the laziest cat into an eager hunter

Function 1: Moving Laser Dot
Watch your cat chase around the house
Laser light shoots out from within a beautiful diamond-shape and spins randomly. No cat can resist it.

Function 2: Shooting Feather
Take cats by surprise
Feather shoots out and hides from random holes. Even the smartest cats cannot anticipate where the feather would pop. Cats can never get enough of the shooting feather fun.

Function 3: Track Balls
Watch your cat pounce and swipe
Just put the colorful balls in the track and watch your cat stick their paws in the track, swat and bat the ball.

Function 4: Spinning Feather
Irresistible Natural feather
Realistic feather prey that spins around, stimulating ca's hunting instincts.

Rechargeable Large rechargeable battery provides longer playtime for cats per charge. Saves the hassle and cost to replace batteries.
Smart Touch Activation Stops itself every 5 mins if left alone and keeps on standby mode for 4 hours, within which cats can re-activate it with a touch.
Irregular Movements
Unpredictable movements of the shooting feather and spinning feather hold cat's interest for a long time.

Exquisite Packaging

Great Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for fur babies thanks to the fancy gift packaging.