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Potaroma Cat Toys Fruit Styles 4 Pcs with Catnip and Crinkle Sound

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Potaroma Cat Toys Fruit Styles 4 Pcs with Catnip Silvervine and Crinkle Sound, Indoor Kitten Exercise Interactive Kicker Toys 3.8" for All Breeds

  • Fruity Fun for Felines: Dive into a world of interactive playtime with our fruit-themed cat toy set, including Orange, Lemon, Peach, and Apple, designed especially for your little kitty's indoor adventures.
  • Catnip & Crinkle: These plush toys contain organic catnip and crinkly paper inside, offering both nip-induced euphoria and a tantalizing sound that your cat will adore. Get ready for some hilarious meow moments!
  • Silvervine Sticks Attached: Each fruit toy comes with a "stem", which's protruding silvervine stick, a natural and potent alternative to catnip. It's essential for dental cleaning as kitties chew and bite, promoting healthy teeth and gums.
  • Enrichment & Exercise: These cute and cuddly toys aren't just for show; they're designed for interactive fun. Watch as your kitten pounces, chews, and exercises those little claws, ensuring both mental and physical enrichment.
  • Calming & Interactive: Great for self-play, these toys are perfect for times when your kitty is home alone. The calming effects of catnip, combined with the bite-worthy silvervine stick, keep boredom at bay and offer a self-amusing experience.
  • Halloween & Beyond: While these fruit-themed toys are perfect for year-round play, they're especially apt for Halloween and relevant holidays. Imagine your cat playing with these amidst the spooky decor, adding a funny and cute touch to your celebrations!

Fine Embroidery
No protruding button or plastic to ensure safety for cats
Neatly Sewn
Neatly stitched seams, no glue or zippers to prevent accidental swallowing

Exquisite Packaging

Great Christmas, New Year or Birthday gift for fur babies

Comfortable Materials

Comfortable stuffing for hugging or snuggling


Helpful for cats' dental cleaning and soothing their mood


Increase cat's interest and make cats more excited