Potaroma 5 Pack Soft Plush Cat Chew Toys Catnip Toys, Cute Cartoon Animal Toys, Bite Resistant Cat Nip Toys for Indoor Cats, Catnip Filled Cat Kicker Toy for Kitty Kitten, Great for Cat Teething

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  • Filled with Catnip: The 5 pcs plush cat toys are filled with catnip which attracts most of the cats to kick and play, keeping your cat on her paws. Catmint proves to be conducive to mitigating cat’s lassitude and depression, stimulating appetite, improving digestion and excreting hairball;
  • Cute Cartoon Animal Toys for Cats: 5 different colorful looks and animal shapes easily attract cat’s attention and stimulates cat’s instinct to hunt;
  • Soft and 100% Safe Materials: Made of plush for the stuffing and exterior which are comfortable for cats to play with;
  • Bite Resistant: High-grade plush allows for the most aggressive chew and bite without a fear of the toys getting destroyed easily;
  • 100% Satisfaction: We stand behind each product we sell under the brand Potaroma. If you are not happy with the 5 pack catnip toys, please do contact us and we will issue full refund or send new replacement.